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UK Work Visa

UK Work Visa

United Kingdom is truly one of the global economic giants, which is included in top 10 strongest economies in modern world. Offering high-valued education opportunities, developing agriculture, investing in financial, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing industries England is showcasing great results. United Kingdom has been always desirable country among job seekers. Service sector and tourism offer large job opportunities, among which you might find yourself.

Question about UK visa and immigration (in Dubai) might interest lots of people, who are willing to relocate to England. UK work permit can be issued according to the points-based immigration system. It can be different depending on the work industry. The main requirement for work visa is valid job offer from UK employer and sufficient funds for covering living expenses of the applicant and any dependent. In this case the employer is responsible for work permit application.

Work permit gives great advantages – not only priceless experience in the multinational country, but also opportunity to get a permanent residence in the United Kingdom after 4 years or working there. The applicant is required to fill in the application form, enclose copies of professional or higher academic education, as well as other certificates. Al Diya Migration Services is dealing with visas not the first time and has rich experience in this field.

We at Al Diya Migration Services provide work permits to UK with confirmed job offer in various sectors.

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