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Refund Policy

The Client perceives that the yielding of a visa or status and the time required for setting up this application is at the sole mindfulness of the council and not the Consultant.

The Client agrees that the costs paid are for organisations shown above and the Client totally grasps that Immigration guiding and depiction Fee paid isn’t refundable, consolidating into following conditions:

The Client(s) is liable to claim for a refund in a case where:

Al Diya Migration Services has agreed that the company is satisfied to submit the client’s case after which the client’s case is returned with a negative decision.

Given wrong and untruthful advice with regards to his/her application/case resulting in a negative decision.

Please, note that a client will not be issued a refund, should the client wish to end their agreement with the company or voluntarily withdraw from the application before the time of Al Diya Migration Services submitting the clients Immigration and or Visa application. A refund will only be issued once the relevant Governing body has provided a negative decision on the client’s case.